13 Dimensions (English)

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First dimension

The first dimension is the sphere of planetary consciousness. It relates to the planetary being we call Earth, or Gaia, from the Greek myths. The first density level is the first level of consciousness that connects us all because we all live in the biosphere of Mother Earth, even if we don’t consciously recognise it.

If we think of the first dimension in terms of space, being a single point, the first dimension would be the single point in the centre of Earth.


Second dimension

The second dimension is the consciousness level between the core of the planet and the surface, between Mother Gaia and humanity. The forces of nature that mediate between the heart of the Earth and the world of humans are the beings who are guardians of the second density level. They are the telluric beings, known by many names. We call them elementals

The elementals are the spirits who embody one of the four classical elements of earth, air, fire, and water. They guide and harness the energy of their particular element.


Third dimension

The third dimension is the level of human consciousness. It is the surface of the planet, but more importantly, it is the collective consensus that physical reality has not only height, length, and width but also linear time, cycles, seasons, and the physical laws of Newtonian science.

The third dimension is the bridge between the lower realms and the higher realms beyond planetary consciousness on the vertical axis of reality.


Fourth dimension

The fourth dimension is the space of the collective unconscious, the archetypal realm that links the thoughts and mind, conscious, not only of humanity but all the beings on earth. Here we are beyond time and space. We experience this dimension as the dream world, or the astral plane. We can go anywhere or do anything here, limited only by our imagination. Our thoughts and ideas manifest much more readily in the fourth dimension, because unlike the third dimension, the fourth is not dense, not bound by the rules of space and time. This level is associated with the realm of Yesod in the Qabalah, and has similarities to both the Upper and Lower Worlds of the shaman. One of the secrets of true magic is that for the something to appear in the physical work, it must first manifest on the astral plane.

The fourth dimensions forms a screen to the higher dimensions. As we ascend beyond this dimensions of light we move further away from human experience. We have more difficulty understanding the pure energies of the higher dimensions and require a method to translate them into forms we can understand.

Our minds translate the energies of the higher dimensions, using the symbols found in the collective fourth dimensional consciousness. We relate to higher energies as colors, sounds, pictures, feelings and archetypal imagery.

Fifth dimension

The fifth dimension is the dimension of unity. The individuality of consciousness merges harmoniously with the group identity of the collective unconsciousness. "You" and "I" identities more easily flow into "we", yet individuality is not completely sacrificed. This strange paradox is difficult for those of us in the third dimension to understand. There is still a sense of individuality, yet there is much greater awareness of group identity on the conscious level. Where the fourth dimension is characterised as the collective unconsciousness, the fifth dimension is the collective consciousness.

In the fifth dimension, we are truly conscious of the paradox of duality and separation. All paradoxes are resolved at this level. All dualities are understood. "Me" versus "you" consciousness shifts into "we" consciousness, and issues of balance between male/female, light/dark, good/evil, and material/immaterial are all transcended. Now we truly understand these forces were never really in conflict to begin with, but were complimentary.

Even the paradox of time is resolved in the fifth dimension. In the third dimension, we consciously experience linear time - the past, the present, and future -yet we know that other times are accessible. We touch other times through the use of divination tools, to predict the future or recall past life memories. Mystical teaching says that time is really an illusion, and in the fifth dimension we truly understand this. We become conscious of ourselves in all times and all places. As we go higher in the dimensions, they become less linear and harder to put into words.

In the paradox of individuality, each lord or lady has a face, a facet that is his or her area of expression, yet each is undeniably part of the whole. In human terms, we can think of the Shamballa as a holographic, with each piece containing the whole, just as each piece of holographic film, when cut contains the entire image. We used to view the city (Shamballa) as a whole identity, but each building, each home, in the city belonged to an individual master. In the image of the city, there was group identity and individual identity.


Sixth dimension

The sixth dimension is the realm of geometry. It isn't the realm of the Pythagorean theorem, though Pythagoras had a strong connection to this level of consciousness. It is the realm of sacred geometry, teachings that were part of Greek mystery schools, where Pythagoras was a teacher. Though sacred geometry has been omitted from most classroom teachings, it is the language of life and light, from which all things manifest.


Sacred geometry is the study of form and structure. All material things in the third dimension have an energetic template. According to traditional occult principle, in order for anything to exist in the material world, it must first exist on the astral plane. But how does something come together on the astral plane, what we would relate to as the fourth dimension? It's pattern, it's basic components, must be fashioned from the geometry of light in the sixth dimension. All form precipitates down from the sixth dimension, through the diamond of Shamballa in the fifth dimension, to the astral archetypes of the fourth dimension, to physical forms in the third, second, and first dimensions.

The sixth dimension is mental in nature and based on the ideas of information. Thoughts first take form in the sixth dimension before they manifest on the astral plane. Spiritualists and occultists would call the sixth level the mental level.

Ideas take "shape" here through sacred geometry. All shapes are said to be based on combinations of platonic solids-five shapes, each resonating with a different element. The platonic solids are expressions of elemental energy on a higher plane. Their "discovery" is credited to Plato.

The morphogenetic fields, the geometric structures of energy theorised by biologist Rupert Sheldrake, exist in the sixth dimension. They are patterns of energy that hold our template, that hold the geometry of not only our bodies but also the collective information of our species. When you were conceived, you were one single cell, with a variety of instructions encoded in your DNA. That single cell divided into two, four, eight, and so on, forming an embryonic human. But how do certain cells know to become brain cells, bone cells, muscle cells, or nerve cells? Most people would say that the DNA tells them to do so. But if all cells start out exactly alike, how do certain cells know how to "activate" nerve-cell instructions while others activate muscle-cell instructions, and then develop accordingly and in the right location? According to the theory of morphogenetic fields, it is these invisible geometric fields that are guiding the process. According to the ascension paradigm, it is the sixth dimension guiding the process for all shape and form are rooted there.

Morphongentic fields are also associated with the concept of consciousness grids, which evolved out of a controversial theory known as the hundredth moneky effect. According to this theory, each species has a field of energy, low in energy but high in information, connecting all the members of that species, and this energy field transfers information to the members in a nonlocal fashion. Every member of the species is linked through an invisible force.

The theory was initially based on the discoveries of researchers studying the Japanese snow monkey on the island of Koshima in 1952. They noticed that one female monkey learned to wash the dirt off her potato in the water. She began to teach the potato washing to other monkeys on the island. Soon, all the monkey on the island (about a hundred) were washing their potatoes. Researchers other islands noticed that immediately all the monkeys of the same species on the other islands began to wash their potatoes. They didn't learn the skill slowly and teach it to each other, as on Koshima. No monkey from Koshima swam over to teach them. They all spontaneously knew how to wash their potatoes, and made it part of their culture.

It was theorised that when a certain "critical mass" of a species, about one hundred for the Japanese snow monkey, learns something, the information is suddenly transferred into the consciousness of every member in the race. It's as if enough member of a species have to do the work to create a psychic "circuit" in the collective field of consciousness.

When the circuit is solid and fully formed, the entire consciousness of the species can flow through it. ... Experiments with other types of animals and people have been done to explore this theory.

The fields of energy in the hundredth monkey theory are like racial morphogenetic fields described by Sheldrake.

The human race's morphic field is much like a racial oversoul or monad connecting us all genetically, culturally, and spiritually. It is believed that once a critical mass of people reaches a level of ascension, then the rest of the species can automatically ascend in what is called a global ascension.

As we enter the higher dimensions beyond the sixth, we lose shape and form. The dimensions become more abstract and less easily described in human language. We are still trying to comprehend what consciousness could be like at these levels, and have created ideas and models, yet nothing can be very concrete because reality at this level is not concrete. Many practitioners believe that the lines between the higher density levels become even more vague, as they overlap each other.

Seventh dimension

The seventh dimension is the realm of cosmic sound – not the vibratory patterns that we hear in the physical dimension, but the harmonics of creation. If the Principle of Correspondence teaches us that patterns repeat on every level, then this dimension is the higher expression of what we know as sound. This is the sound of creation.

Many traditions look at creation through sound imagery. We think of the universe as the song of creation. We each play our own note, our own pattern and melody, in the song. We each have our part. We even use the octave and overtone imagery in our model of the dimensions, with twelve dimensional "notes" in our scale, like the twelve tones in Western music. Hermetic magic references the "music of the spheres", the heavenly tones created by the movement of the planets, theorised in days past to be the "rings" of their orbits rubbing together. This music was audible only to those mystics with ears to hear it, those in tune with the higher dimensions. The seventh dimension isn’t just the realm of planetary sounds; it’s the realms of the galaxy itself, as the orbits of the stars create music of the heavens.

Barbara Hand Clow relates the seventh dimension to the modern superstring theory, which is a model in which all the particles and fundamental forces of the universe are seen as tiny vibrating strings that vibrate at resonant frequencies. In a symbolic sense, I think of these infinite strings of energy as the "fabric" of reality.

In the study of science of semantics, terrestrial sound waves are used to create visible forms in sand, dust and jellies. The more complex the sound played through the medium, the more complex is the shape created, including images of sacred geometry.

On this cosmic creative scale, the cosmic-sound dimension creates, or "weaves" together, the structure and reality of our universe. The first step to take is to form the sacred geometry of the sixth dimension. We are becoming consciousness of our own weaver nature, our own ability to weave the strings, to pluck out the right notes and to change our part of the song of creation, to create the life we want.

Clow also relates this dimension to the galactic highways of light, looking at a theory on the variable nature of the speed of light. Light moving faster than the standardly accepted speed of light exists in this higher dimension, acting as the connecting threads between galaxies, as information highways of light connecting us all.

Eighth dimension


The eighth dimension is the realm of the Divine Mind, or at least the aspect of the Divine Mind that manifests our galaxy. Some describe this as the divine light, but it’s not simply light; it is the consciousness of creation. In faery traditions, there is the Utterer who speaks the world into creation. If his utterances are the actual "sound", or seventh dimension, then the Utterer, the being doing the uttering, is the manifestation of the eighth dimension.

When we look at the eighth-dimensional mind of light, the seventh-dimensional cosmic sound, and the sixth-dimensional geometry, these levels have parallels in the lower dimensions-in the unity of the fifth dimension, the archetypes of the fourth dimension, and the form of the third dimension.

In the third dimension there is the manifestation of the visible light spectrum and the sonic spectrum, and the physical manifestation in the world

All potentials exist in the eighth dimension, though our choices govern how this potential manifests in the lower dimensions. The eighth dimension is not inherently good or evil, but rather it is neutral, with the potential for both good and evil.


Ninth dimension

The ninth dimension is the galactic center, metaphysically described as a black hole that acts as the gravitational linchpin of our system. From a multidimensional view, the heart of the milky way is a gateway, an interface and transformational point, into the next realm, which some describe as a new universe. The ninth dimensional time waves emerge from this point, aided by the guardians whose name we draw from Mayan lore -the T’zolkin. The ninth dimensional time waves are like the fertile soil in which our third dimension grows. Some would say that it is a "stargate" to the great central sun of the universe, which is the true gateway to the next realm and new universe.


Tenth dimension


The tenth dimension is the vertical axis that aligns the previous nine dimensions. It is the shamans' world tree, the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the spire running through the dimensions. When a person’s consciousness is simultaneously aware in all nine dimensions equally, it is in the tenth dimension. We use the tenth-dimensional axis all the time, to ascend and descend the vertical axis of reality, but the mastery of the entire axis gives us access to the tenth dimensional-consciousness.



Eleventh dimension

The eleventh dimension is the all encompassing energy field that manifests and contains all previous dimensions, one through ten. This is the first realm of universal consciousness. If we could envision the ever-expanding boundary of our universe, in all dimensions, the eleventh dimension would be the boundary for that container.

Twelfth dimension


The twelfth dimension is the Great Central Sun of our universe, the source from which all the galaxies in our universe emanate and around which the all revolve. It is the source of universal consciousness, and a higher aspect of the Divine Mind and Creator. It is the Universal Logos, the universal creative source. Some look at the twelfth dimension as Melchizedek consciousness, while others feel that Melchizedek consciousness is one step beyond the twelfth.



Thirteenth dimension

The thirteenth dimension is the gateway to the universes beyond our own universe. This is the level of cosmic consciousness, the Cosmic Logos, and the source of all the other universes in the multiverse. It is through the thirteenth dimension that we are able to access other universes. Many see the thirteenth dimension as a new universe that humanity is ascending to, as mastery of the thirteenth dimension allows you to travel between universes.

The dimensional model works in even and odd numbering, at least for the first nine dimensions. The odd-numbered dimensions have a more intuitive and emotional feeling to them and are often described as more feminine, while the even-numbered dimensions are more analytical and intellectual, having a more masculine flair.


If you were to be nested in each dimension all at once you could imagine that it would look like a torus inside a torus inside a torus and so on, with the inner most torus being the 1st dimension, the next torus being the 2nd Dimension, and the 3rd innermost torus being our current dimension etc. You would be present in all dimensions. Of course there are many other parts to this but this is just a basic visual to explain how you can be multidimensional.


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