The 12 Galactic Energies and the 12 Rays (English)

09.05.2014 17:41
The 12 Galactic energies and the 12 Rays of Light
We know that the sun "travels" in the sky through the 12 zodiacal constellations. Each one transmits certain type of energies and an archetype to our incarnated being in this space-time.
Thus, to manifest the positive qualities of our star sign has always been a great goal to achieve.
As the Earth manifests the new energies, we are also called to embrace this change in our lives.
Constellations and Galaxies
The zodiacal constellations form a circle around our sun (as it is seen from Earth). Similarly, there are 12 huge galaxies forming a circle around the Milky Way (our galaxy).
Although the Milky Way and Andromeda are the dominant members of the Local Group, they are encircled by twelve large galaxies arranged in a ring about 24-million light years across. It is called the "Council of Giants".
This information was revealed by Professor Marshal McCall of York University, Canada, and was published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 
In which way are we affected by this?
Throughout history, each time humanity is ready to take an evolutionary leap, scientific breakthroughs help us to become aware of the role we play in the universe and our relationship with the whole.
When we, as incarnated beings, become aware that we are here to fulfill our souls' designs, our goals and the way we approach life change completely. We become more willing to hear the voice of our Higher Self, and our personality starts to adjust to a higher plan. Our souls' objectives become our own objectives, and we get ready to bring Heaven to Earth, which is our most important task.
Star signs give us useful qualities to express ourselves in this incarnation. In the same way, there are archetypes that provide our souls with distinctive energies and qualities. These energies are galactic energies, since our souls perform tasks beyond this solar system and this galaxy.
While meditating about this, I received the following information: since Metatron's Cube is the geometric pattern that originates everything in the universe, it is also the geometry that interconnect these 12 galaxies with the Milky Way and Andromeda (which now are two different galaxies, but in a distant future they will become one). 
Inside Metatron's Cube there is another geometric pattern called the Fruit of Life, which consists of 13 spheres. One of them is in the middle of the pattern, and the other 12 are located in different positions around it. Thus, the energy of these 12 galaxies is combined around the Milky Way in the same way that the spheres of the Fruit of Life do.
Galaxies and Divine Rays
The next information I received is that each one of these 12 galaxies emits towards the Milky Way the energy of one of the 12 Rays.
Since our souls were originated in distant galaxies and each soul carries the energy of one of the Rays, the picture is complete. The qualities each soul is trying to express are the soul's Ray qualities, and the archetypes that souls follow are the Ascended Masters that work with the Divine Rays.
The following step...
The following step for those who are willing to follow the call of their Higher Self to leave behind the archetypes of the personality and become part of a more comprehensive and significant model, is start working with the energies of the Rays and the Masters, integrating them to their everyday life little by little.
I share the following meditation I receive to integrate these 12 Divine Energies:
Integration of the 12 Galactic Energies and the 12 Divine Rays
1. I place myself in a comfortable position and start to relax. I focus on my breathing. With each inhalation and exhalation my physical body becomes more and more relaxed, and my mind starts to quiet...
2. I ask my soul, the most precious part of my Self, a Spark of Divinity, to join me completely. I feel my soul's warm and light in my heart.
3. I invoque the presence of Master El Morya, Master Joshua, Master Serapis Bey, Master Paul the Venetian, Master Hilarion, Master Lanto, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Lady Vessa Andromeda, Lady Quan Yin and Pallas Athena to surround me in a circle of light. I feel their loving presence and I breath within the field of energy they have created all around me.
Note: the names of these 12 Masters are given only as a guide. According to the information channeled by Natalie Glasson, as the Earth and humanity grow and evolve so do the Rays and their Chohans. The Rays have become stronger  than ever before, they are integrating deeply as one as are their Chohans, which is making it increasingly difficult to distinguish which Master is overseeing which Ray. Many people continue to use the information that was given years ago as their guide to connect with the Rays. As time doesn't exist on the inner planes, people on the Earth can still connect with the past Chohans and they will assist us lovingly.
4. I visualize a huge Metatron's Cube inscribed within a circumference formed by the 12 galaxies. Inside the Cube I see the 13 spheres that form the Fruit of Life. The Milky Way is in the middle sphere.
5. I connect myself through my heart with the 12 galaxies around the Milky Way, and with the 12 Divine Rays that they emit.
I visualize the 12 galaxies radiating the 12 Rays of Light towards the 12 spheres of the Fruit of Life that surround the sphere in the middle, where the Milky Way stands. I see how these 12 spheres start to shine with the bright colours of the 12 Rays:
Red... Blue... Yellow... Green... Orange... Indigo... Violet... Aquamarine... Magenta... Pearlescent... Pink Orange... Golden... 
6. The 12 spheres radiate towards the central sphere the united energy of the 12 Rays. The Milky Way receives in its core this united energy, which becomes more and more powerful, until in a burst of light it spreads towards every star, planet and each one of the celestial objects inside the galaxy, permeating everything with this Divine Light.
7. The Earth receives this united light in her core, and transmits it towards our hearts.
8. I receive these Divine Energies in my heart, my physical body and my light body. The 12 Masters around me help me to hold these 12 united energies.
9. My light body glows with the colours of the 12 Divine Rays, which is inside the Earth's light body, the Sun's light body, the Milky Way's light body, and the huge light body that is formed by the set of the 13 galaxies. I realize that "As above, so below".
10. Remaining in this state of light and expansion, I ask my soul about the Rays and/or Masters I am called to work presently. I give myself some time to get the answer, and then I meditate about this.
11. I connect myself with Mother Earth, holding the light and love of these Divine Rays in my heart.
12. I thank the Masters for their protection, guide and love, and I get ready to work in unity with my soul.
So be it!
Chrishia Nadys
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